Photo Booths – The Life of A Party

Photo Booths – The Life of A Party

Great Wedding Trend: Photo Booths!!!! They are cost-effective and provide great engagement for all guests young and old.

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Really Fun Photo booth

There are a few different types of photo booth options out there. So make sure you know what you want.

1) Rental of the actual machine – similar to what you see in the malls

The Load in could be intense but they are oodles of fun! Traditionally they will print in black and white and you will get 3 to 4 photos in 2×2 in size.

2) The Structure Photo Booth. This photo booth has a curtain in the back and a push button camera. It is an open air structure and the photographer will bring props. These types of machines usually print as 4×6 and you can get your prints the next day.

3) The Portable Photo Booth is the size of the machine but has the draping like the structure. Depending on the camera they can print in color or black and white in 3×3 squares and it is same day printing. Also there are always props included with this booth.

Below are some great pictures of a recent wedding I did at the Savannah International Trade Center with Photographer Teresa Earnest who owns and

Day of Wedding Coordination was provided by JL Events, LLC – 

Savannah Wedding Planner and Weddings in Savannah,  GA

Congratulations Lindsey and Carl!


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Savannah Wedding Couple in Photo Booth










  1. Cool post, and I totally agree that photo booths are a fun and memorable element to a wedding or similar event. In fact, my profile picture I use across my social networks came from an event photo booth.

    One thing your readers might want to think about is, if the booth they go with offers to share the photos online, to make sure guests are aware that others may be able to see the photos. I blog about this in “Hey Look, A Photo Booth! This is Private… Right?”. Because old-style analog photo booths were more private by nature, a lively guest might mistakenly think that’s the case when it actually isn’t – but that shouldn’t take away from the fun. Just letting folks know with a simple note like “See everyone’s photos online,” or setting up a password-protected set at a site like Flickr would do the trick.

  2. Finally a person that puts some real work into a blog. I do like what you have done with the blog.

  3. Thanks guys!! Photo booths are super fun! It was a great addition to the event. Yes, I would advise people that their photos will be used and reposted even.

    The photography I used is mentioned on my vendor page.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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